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A good place to start the downsizing process is by reading Moving for Seniors, a workbook created by Barbara Morris of Smooth Transitions®. This step-by-step guide features information on when to downsize, where to move, what to move, how to keep it simple, and tips for adult children. The book includes many charts, questions, and forms to make any move easier.

The 59 page workbook features basic questions as to should I downsize, what are my options, when to start, and how to accomplish such a monumental task without losing my sanity! Useful tips on what to do with a lifetime of accumulations and basic do-it -yourself hints on surviving the process are included. Even if you are not planning a move for several years, its never too early to start weeding through your “stuff”.

Barbara Morris developed Moving for Seniors after evaluating her experiences in downsizing projects. “Each one is different,” she says, “but it is doable if you just start. If you only go through the process one time, you don’t have the advantage of learning the tricks to make it easy. You only learn those the hard way.” Moving for Seniors combines the step-by-step process to help seniors and their adult children decide if it is time to make a move and then how to get it done. “I’ve taken what works and put it in a workbook format,” she says.

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Reader Comments
“Your workbook has many good suggestions; easy to follow and a systematic approach for making a decision you can adjust to with good results. Keep system simple and other advisable points are helpful.”
a Missouri reader

“My copy of Moving for Seniors arrived this afternoon, and I’ve already read it, cover-to-cover. My compliments to you. You did a great job! I’m a list maker, and your method emphasizes that. Thanks.”
a Florida resident

“The book is so practical– I have picked up a lot of tips from it.”
a hospital chaplain

Moving for Seniors is thought-provoking, well-organized, and creatively presented. I need an extra copy for my Mom.”
A Nashville, Tennessee, reader.

” I purchased a copy of your workbook and gave it to my mother-in-law to prepare for her move from a house to an apartment. She told me this weekend that she read it and used the worksheets. She just loved the “tips” on pages that reminded her to think about what she really needed. This is truly a compliment because she usually does not use the help aids that we give her to this extent.”
a Louisville, Kentucky, daughter-in-law

“The workbook is great! Just what I need for a move to California. The inventory sections are specially helpful.”
a Lexington resident

Amazon Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
A great guide for an important life transition
By: Scott Clugston on May 30, 2018

This spiral-bound book is very informative, comprehensive and easy to read. The checklists are particularly helpful and practical. The tone of the narrative and clever sticky note reminders are conducive to helping someone make important decisions such as what possessions to give away, what to discard and what to keep during a milestone move. Who knew that there was a central clearinghouse for magazine address changes? I just used it for my dad’s subscriptions—thanks to this book. Even if you think you have covered everything this book is a good double check. And, if being organized isn’t your strong suit this will guide you through things.

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