Real Estate professionals have often had to get a house de-cluttered in order to put the property on the market or had to deal with the leftovers after a move or when the homeowner has passed leaving a house full.

Smooth Transitions can handle all these tasks leaving you to focus on your listings. We provide assistance for the pre-move, all aspects of the move and then getting the home empty. Our personal approach includes the handholding and guidance being sensitive to the overwhelming process this can be.

Although seniors are our primary focus, we also work with relocation clients who need assistance in unpacking and settling in a new home.

Let Smooth Transitions be a part of your Real Estate team.

How Real Estate professionals use Senior Move Managers ™
‘The field of Senior move management is growing,” says NASMM executive director, Mary Kay Busyee, in a May 2012 article in Realtor Mag, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors. She explains the value of senior move managers in the real estate industry.

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