Join the Smooth Transitions Family

If you have considered becoming a transition management professional, Smooth Transitions® is the trusted business startup you’ve been looking for.

Everything we have done at Smooth Transitions was designed to ensure your success through unsurpassed quality of service.

First and foremost, Smooth Transitions’ family members are LICENSEES. As a licensee you get everything you need to achieve the same excellence and success that defines our brand. This includes specialized training, access to all the brand assets, collateral, digital tools, professional network of business support, ongoing national promotion, national partnerships, and even a discounted price for our founder’s workbook that has helped so many understand the complexity behind completing a transition.

Let’s be very clear: We are NOT A FRANCHISE! We are a license program. Why? License programs are exponentially less expensive and far less complicated than a franchise. Where franchises continue to claim a fixed percentage of your gross revenues, your license fee is a fixed amount that is priced according to your specific area of operation. Your franchise based competition may be paying at least 17.5% of their profit to their franchise. As a Smooth Transitions licensee, you can use those savings to invest in quality staff, training, marketing, and more that they simply can’t afford to match.

Profitability of a Franchise Versus a License Over 5 years:

Franchisee Competitor ST Exclusive Licensee ST Non-Exclusive Licensee
Revenue $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
Profit (40% MARGIN) $40,000 $40,000 $40,000
Fees $7,000 (17.5% of profit) $3,500 (8.75% of profit) $2,800 (7% of profit)
ACTUAL Profit $23,000 $26,500 $27,200
Revenue $200,000 $200,000 $160,000**
Profit (40% MARGIN) $80,000 $80,000 $64,000
Fees $14,000 (17.5% of profit) $3,500 (4.375% of profit) $2,800 (4.375% of profit)
ACTUAL Profit $66,600 $76,500 $61,200
Revenue $350,000 $350,000 $160,000**
Profit (40% MARGIN) $140,000 $140,000 $64,000
Fees $24,500 (17.5% of profit) $3,500 (2.5% of profit) $2,800 (4.375% of profit)
ACTUAL Profit $115,500 $136,500 $61,200
Revenue $550,000 $550,000 $160,000**
Profit (40% MARGIN) $220,000 $220,000 $64,000
Fees $38,500 (17.5% of profit) $3,500 (1.59% of profit) $2,800 (4.375% of profit)
ACTUAL Profit $181,500 $216,500 $61,200
Revenue $650,000 $650,000 $160,000**
Profit (40% MARGIN) $260,000 $260,000 $64,000
Fees $45,500 (17.5% of profit) $3,500 (1.35% of profit) $2,800 (4.375% of profit)
ACTUAL Profit $214,500 $256,500 $61,200
TOTAL 5 YEAR PROFIT $601,100 $712,000 $274,000

The Bottom Line

Our Exclusive Licensees in this example 5 year period stands to make over $110,000 more than a competing franchise. In fact, because franchises charge an annualized minimum that is $7,800 or higher – our licensees will always fare better than their franchise counterparts no matter how much you put in for the revenue values. And that value only grows with each year you stay in business after five.

The Facts Behind the Math:
While every location will perform differently, these numbers are based on the prescribed revenues by most franchises. Your actual revenues will likely be different based on your market’s potential and your performance within that market. A 40% margin is an obtainable goal set for each of our licensees, your actual margin will vary based on your market, management performance, and other factors.

Some franchises will credit back their initial franchise fee if you achieve the revenues above. However, even in those scenarios, Exclusive Licensees still end up at least $60,000 ahead in profit by year five, and that amount grows more with each month you operate.

** Non-Exclusive Licensees revenues may be higher, however total transitions completed per year cannot exceed 40. Licensees can later opt to upgrade their license based on availability and the completion of the TMP training.

Becoming a Licensee

Every License Includes:

  • Market Analysis and Advisory
  • Business Coaching
  • National Promotion of Brand
  • Search Engine Optimization Techniques Promoting Locations
  • Custom Website with Lead Management
  • One corporate account with access to our back office support and Google Applications
  • Discounted access to STWare -our specialized online mobile software for lead management, estimating, team scheduling, managing tasks, time recording, and billing transitions
  • Access to our Ad Agency Produced Print on Demand Library
  • National Partner Referral Resources
  • Access to Family Advisory Board
  • Monthly Family Webinars with Continuing Education
  • Quarterly Family Updates and Industry Advisories
  • Discounted Tickets for Annual Conference (Affectionately referred to as our Family Reunion)
  • Discounted Services from Our Advertising Agency of Record
  • Discounted CPA Services Through Our National Partner
  • Discounted Legal Services Through Our National Partner
  • Access to Lead Generation Resources

Two License Options:

Option 1: Exclusive with TMP Certification and Business Start

Our exclusive license program provides this licensee with everything they need to be up and running by the end of a two week intensive training and setup and exclusivity to a generous portion of their market.

Week 1:
Over the course of the first week, you and your staff will receive advice, guidance, and help completing technical tasks from our staff and our business professional partners who know the intricacies of our line of work. This will save you thousands by avoiding incorrect filings, classifications, and more. Your collateral and marketing items are prepared and put into production by the end of week one. This ensures that by the end of the first week, you will have the complete underpinnings of your business either completed or set to be completed by the end of week 2.

Week 2:
The second week you and one of your staff will arrive at our Columbus Training Center where you will receive 5 days of intensive training from one of our professionals. The training consists of classroom, practical applications, and real tasks related to start establishing your presence within your market. You will leave with a Transition Management Professional certification, and a start on your lead generation so you can get home and hit the ground running.

Weeks 3-4:
Hit the ground running upon on your return home in a market that is already learning that a Smooth Transitions is now available in their area. You will be supported these weeks by our Business Coaches while you start building your pipeline of referral sources.

Exclusive Licensee Allowances:

  • Unlimited transitions per 12 month period within their market
  • Exclusivity to contiguous zip codes that total up to 100 classified market opportunities
  • Additional zip codes can be purchased at a discounted fee of $10 per classified market opportunity within each zip code selected
  • First right of refusal on neighboring contiguous zip code purchases by other licensees
  • Utilization of local Boutique Licensees for overflow
  • First year of STWare included

Cost: $42,000* | $3,500 per year for renewal after the first year.

Financing: We have 3, 5, or 8 year financing options with an $8,400 down payment. Please contact for more details.

Veterans: We are proud to support our veterans through a $2,000 discount and a $100 discount on renewals.

NASMM Members: We are excited to offer our NASMM members a $1,500 discount on training. As a NASMM member you already have a good foundation of what it takes to be a Smooth Transitions licensee. Thus we provide you with a customized business start plan to fill in the gaps.

*Does not include federal, state or local fees, travel, lodging, or other out of pocket expenses. For complete details please contact

Option 2: Non-Exclusive with Boutique Training

Our non-exclusive license program provides a much lower cost of entry for those who have the heart and ambition to do the work, but want to stay small in size. A good measure to know if this option fits you is by the amount of work you are willing to perform on a monthly basis. Our Boutique Licensees typically will do 2-4 transitions per month, where our Exclusive Licensees will do 3 — 8 a week.

This licensee receives the core benefits of a license coupled with a two day essentials training at our Columbus Training Center. They learn how to operate as a Transition Management Professional and receive a copy of the full Transition Management Professional training manual.

Boutique Licensee Allowances:

  • Up to 40 transitions per 12 month period
  • Able to non-exclusively market within areas not owned by an Exclusive Licensee
  • Is a resource for overflow transitions to Exclusive Licensees
  • Overflow transitions do not count against the 40 transition limit

Cost: $8,000* | $2,800 per year for renewal after the first year

Veterans: We are proud to support our veterans through a $300 discount and $100 discount on renewals.

NASMM Members: We are excited to offer our NASMM members a $200 discount on training.

*Does not include federal, state or local fees, travel, lodging, or other out of pocket expenses. For complete details please contact

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“Beth and I wanted to forward you a quick note to express our happiness with the decision to join the Smooth Transitions family.  Originally, we had a bit of a spiritual nudge to help people and give back after spending years in the competitive business world.  During our initial meetings and then the training sessions, we knew we made the correct decision.  Since joining, we have completed over 350 moves and have enjoyed numerous hugs and testimonials indicating our clients could not have made the transition without our assistance

Equally important, the family has grown in numbers and professionalism.  Contacts in multiple markets give us resources to gain both perspective as well as leads.  Having had years of executive management experience, it is both fun and rewarding to experience our growth.  Enhanced vision, culture, strategy, systems, policies, and procedures provide both efficiency and effectiveness, while also enjoying the flexibility to reflect our own entrepreneurial spirit.
Now, Beth and I must decide how large we want to build our company.  Whereas this is a personal decision, we again thank you for building a platform that gives us tremendous options and opportunities.”
Beth & Charlie Shapard
Smooth Transitions of St. Louis


“What a joy it has been to be part of the Smooth Transitions Family for 10 years!  As a previous business owner, finding this business concept and at such an affordable price after looking at very expensive franchises, was the perfect start over for me.  With Smooth Transitions impeccable reputation nationwide, the training, practices and ethics have helped me build a solid business in the Phoenix area…one that my son now shares with me.  Our reward is the return business and satisfied clients in the senior arena that we continue to serve year after year.”
Robin Adrihan & Brian Powledge

“In the 12 years I have been a part of the ST Family, I felt confident that I could reach out and receive the most excellent advice in the industry about tricky issues that came up in my work.  This advice came one-on-one from Barbara but also from the other ST family members.  I was never stuck for long!  Emails and family chats have been a great “water cooler” for me as a sole proprietor: they have been a great place to air frustrations, receive assurances and add to the growing wealth of experience in this new industry.  The forwarding of marketing ideas and seasonal reminders has offered me so much more than I could ever have dreamed up myself, and has substantially increased my credibility and confidence as a professional.

As a lean start-up, I needed to budget my costs very carefully and try to achieve the maximum amount of exposure I could to get my business up and running.  Taking advantage of the Smooth Transitions already-strong name recognition and branding was a critical decision point and worth every penny of the licensing expense. ”
Carole Cole
Smooth Transitions
Roanoke, VA

“While I’m still a newer business owner with Smooth Transitions with less than 2 years of experience, I feel this thank you and review are so very long overdue!

In 2016 and at age 56, I parted ways with a lengthy corporate career and ventured into entrepreneurial territory. The senior industry was the market that peaked my interest and becoming A Senior Move Manager was the role I wanted to pursue. I looked at all of the possible avenues into the business including DIY training and franchises that offered no autonomy, 5 figure initial investments and aggressive franchisee payments. While I knew I needed structure and support to be successful, no path I reviewed was even close to what I dreamed of immersing myself into. Then I found Barbara Morris’s Smooth Transitions licensee model. Barbara who established Smooth Transitions more than 25 years ago and is one of NASMM’s founding members, provides a strong branded presence in the industry while offering a modestly priced, proven methodology to develop your business, your way, at your pace. After my initial call with Barbara, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I just knew the Smooth Transitions business model was perfect, meeting me right where I was at that time in my life and offering everything I needed to be successful. What I would come to find out later, is it also offered something irreplaceable as well as unexpected. Irreplaceable is the personal commitment, training, mentorship and support Barbara Morris gracefully and humbly provides every business owner no matter what stage your business is in. Unexpected was the depth to which Barbara has developed each of the business owners within the Smooth Transition family and in turn their undying commitment to Barbara, Smooth Transitions core values and the comradery to support each other through every imaginable trial, error and success. The end of my story or better, just the beginning? I kicked off my Smooth Transition business midyear in 2017 without any experience. I was however, armed with the Smooth Transitions business model, all the training and support I could ever imagine and a host of Smooth Transition business owners cheering me on. Within a couple of months, the business began paying for itself. By the end of 2017, I had recoup my initial investment. I’m happy to say I closed 2018 with 50k in gross profit and my 2019 gross is trending at a 20% increase over last year. Professional, I feel I’m off to a good start as a new business owner. Personally, I feel I got so much more than a business with Smooth Transitions.”

Ruth Christian
Smooth Transitions South Sound
Kent, WA


“Having never owned a business before, I welcomed the opportunity to begin building a business with the grounding of Barbara Morris’s experience, and that of the 40+ Smooth Transitions licensees. “Janet Sydnor
Smooth Transitions Delaware LLC