Start your own business!
If you have considered becoming a senior move manager™ and estate dispersal guru, but don’t know where to begin, Smooth Transitions® might just have the answer. We can help jumpstart your success. Learn from our mistakes without making the same ones yourself.

There are several options:

You can become a licensee. It would allow you to use the Smooth Transitions® name, logo, artwork, be included on the Website, phone consultation, referrals, team building with the other licensees, discounts on the moving for Seniors wordbook, referrals and more.

Smooth Transitions® is NOT a franchise. It is a license program, which is less expensive and less complicated than a franchise. Each Smooth Transitions is locally owned and operated with ongoing support.

The fee can be paid half down with monthly payments for a year. Your only additional startup expenses would be for insurance, and printing costs. This is assuming you have the basic computer/internet connections, phone and general office setup.

The training is personalized to your greatest needs and covers the basic business setup. What to say and do on that first phone call, home visit, and operationally on how to do the job are covered. You will learn what resources you need to make your business stronger, startup quicker as well as help with marketing and advertising.

If you have already established a name/logo you wish to use, you can purchase the Training & Operations Manual alone or with personal instruction.

Providing services for seniors and their adult children can be a very rewarding, more of a ‘mission’ than just a job. With the ever increasing senior population and the adult children in different cities and/or with full plates of their own, having someone to handle the multitude of details that a move requires is a welcomed relief. If you have patience, organizational skills and the ability to multi-task, then Smooth Transitions® might just the business for you.

For more information, email or call Barbara Morris 502-897-9332.

Business Start Up

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“Beth and I wanted to forward you a quick note to express our happiness with the decision to join the Smooth Transitions family.  Originally, we had a bit of a spiritual nudge to help people and give back after spending years in the competitive business world.  During our initial meetings and then the training sessions, we knew we made the correct decision.  Since joining, we have completed over 350 moves and have enjoyed numerous hugs and testimonials indicating our clients could not have made the transition without our assistance

Equally important, the family has grown in numbers and professionalism.  Contacts in multiple markets give us resources to gain both perspective as well as leads.  Having had years of executive management experience, it is both fun and rewarding to experience our growth.  Enhanced vision, culture, strategy, systems, policies, and procedures provide both efficiency and effectiveness, while also enjoying the flexibility to reflect our own entrepreneurial spirit.
Now, Beth and I must decide how large we want to build our company.  Whereas this is a personal decision, we again thank you for building a platform that gives us tremendous options and opportunities.”
Beth & Charlie Shapard
Smooth Transitions of St. Louis


“What a joy it has been to be part of the Smooth Transitions Family for 10 years!  As a previous business owner, finding this business concept and at such an affordable price after looking at very expensive franchises, was the perfect start over for me.  With Smooth Transitions impeccable reputation nationwide, the training, practices and ethics have helped me build a solid business in the Phoenix area…one that my son now shares with me.  Our reward is the return business and satisfied clients in the senior arena that we continue to serve year after year.”
Robin Adrihan & Brian Powledge

“In the 12 years I have been a part of the ST Family, I felt confident that I could reach out and receive the most excellent advice in the industry about tricky issues that came up in my work.  This advice came one-on-one from Barbara but also from the other ST family members.  I was never stuck for long!  Emails and family chats have been a great “water cooler” for me as a sole proprietor: they have been a great place to air frustrations, receive assurances and add to the growing wealth of experience in this new industry.  The forwarding of marketing ideas and seasonal reminders has offered me so much more than I could ever have dreamed up myself, and has substantially increased my credibility and confidence as a professional.

As a lean start-up, I needed to budget my costs very carefully and try to achieve the maximum amount of exposure I could to get my business up and running.  Taking advantage of the Smooth Transitions already-strong name recognition and branding was a critical decision point and worth every penny of the licensing expense. ”
Carole Cole
Smooth Transitions
Roanoke, VA

“While I’m still a newer business owner with Smooth Transitions with less than 2 years of experience, I feel this thank you and review are so very long overdue!

In 2016 and at age 56, I parted ways with a lengthy corporate career and ventured into entrepreneurial territory. The senior industry was the market that peaked my interest and becoming A Senior Move Manager was the role I wanted to pursue. I looked at all of the possible avenues into the business including DIY training and franchises that offered no autonomy, 5 figure initial investments and aggressive franchisee payments. While I knew I needed structure and support to be successful, no path I reviewed was even close to what I dreamed of immersing myself into. Then I found Barbara Morris’s Smooth Transitions licensee model. Barbara who established Smooth Transitions more than 25 years ago and is one of NASMM’s founding members, provides a strong branded presence in the industry while offering a modestly priced, proven methodology to develop your business, your way, at your pace. After my initial call with Barbara, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I just knew the Smooth Transitions business model was perfect, meeting me right where I was at that time in my life and offering everything I needed to be successful. What I would come to find out later, is it also offered something irreplaceable as well as unexpected. Irreplaceable is the personal commitment, training, mentorship and support Barbara Morris gracefully and humbly provides every business owner no matter what stage your business is in. Unexpected was the depth to which Barbara has developed each of the business owners within the Smooth Transition family and in turn their undying commitment to Barbara, Smooth Transitions core values and the comradery to support each other through every imaginable trial, error and success. The end of my story or better, just the beginning? I kicked off my Smooth Transition business midyear in 2017 without any experience. I was however, armed with the Smooth Transitions business model, all the training and support I could ever imagine and a host of Smooth Transition business owners cheering me on. Within a couple of months, the business began paying for itself. By the end of 2017, I had recoup my initial investment. I’m happy to say I closed 2018 with 50k in gross profit and my 2019 gross is trending at a 20% increase over last year. Professional, I feel I’m off to a good start as a new business owner. Personally, I feel I got so much more than a business with Smooth Transitions.”

Ruth Christian
Smooth Transitions South Sound
Kent, WA


“Having never owned a business before, I welcomed the opportunity to begin building a business with the grounding of her Barbara Morris’s experience, and that of the 40+ Smooth Transitions licensees. “Janet Sydnor
Smooth Transitions Delaware LLC


Q & A from someone researching the move management business:

“Barbara Morris at Smooth Transitions gave me your name.  I am in the process of developing a moving management business. I initially considered a franchise and decided against doing that. I found Barbara Morris on the web and bought her consumer book and I liked that a lot.  I have been considering buying her Training Manual. She gave me your name to contact about your perspective on the Training Manual and her training program in general.   I hope you will take a few minutes to share your thoughts with me.”

“Tom and I attended Barb’s training late last year, and it was just what we needed to jump start our move management business.  Like you, we considered a franchise, but we both have a lot of business experience and used Barb’s training to teach us THIS business, without the need to pay residuals.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. See my answers to your questions below.”
Patricia Bowen, Partner, Get Ready for Tomorrow

Q. Did you think the Manual was helpful?
A. Since we used the manual to take notes in during our training I can’t speak to how it would stand alone, and even then I don’t know what your business experience is so I can only say I refer to it often.

Q. Did using it help you to move faster on marketing and obtaining your first client?
A. We used the manual, and the training, and Barb was there for us on the phone and via email for questions and encouragement.

Q. Is the information provided in the manual appreciably different than that in the workbook?
A. Even though we are “young” in this business, I can tell you it has many nuances that cannot be conveyed in a manual.  Again, I don’t know your background, and if you’ve worked with seniors for a while you may already know the little things that make a difference, and the things that if you don’t know can break you.  Barb took us to auctions, to jobs she was working on, to a senior community, all with detailed explanations of how she does things and encouraging questions and comments.

Q. Would you buy it again?
A. We would buy the training again in a heartbeat.  It has already more than paid for itself in a few months.

Q. What was most helpful?
A. How-to discussions that went on and on. Establishing priorities.  Ins and outs of the business, many, many. There is nothing like sitting down with someone who has been doing this for over ten years, and who is willing to share all she knows.

Q. What disappointed you?
A. Not a thing.

Just one final note: this “industry” is catching on, and if you’re really serious about being a competitive player in your market, get the training. I don’t care how good the manual might be, it’s the stories and the support that you’ll remember as you’re in the trenches.  Invest in yourself and your business.