Smooth Transitions® is based in Columbus, Ohio with additional operations in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Internationally in New Zealand.

Main Office
Contact Holly Swisher at info@smoothtransitions.com or (844) 266-4663.

For help on the Gulf Coast contact:
Tony Byrne at tony@movingforseniors.com or (251) 929-2577.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsgulfcoast.com

For help in Phoenix contact:
*Robin Adrihan at robin@movingforseniors.com or (602) 794-5455.
*Brian Powledge at brianp@movingforseniors.com or (602) 794-5455.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsvalley.com

For help in Phoenix East Valley contact:
*Mai Thompson at mai@movingforseniors.com or (480) 339-0011.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsAZ.com

For help in Arkansas contact:
Denise Smith at denise@movingforseniors.com or (918) 504-8626.
Tony Smith at tonys@movingforseniors.com or (918) 340-8918.

For help in Central Coast contact:
*Joanne Peters at joannep@movingforseniors.com or (805) 610-6304.
Web site: www.centralcoastsenior.com

For help in Sacramento contact:
Connie James at connie@movingforseniors.com or (916) 838-7922.
Olivia James at olivia@movingforseniors.com or (916) 534-0083.
Web site: www.movingforseniorssac.com

For help in Denver contact:
*Mike Gallagher at mike@movingforseniors.com or (303) 880-4686.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsdenver.com

For help in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties contact:
*Sonya Long at sonya@movingforseniors.com or (954) 913-7333.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionssfl.com

For help in Northern Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie & Indian River Counties contact:
*Maureen Fraser at maureen@movingforseniors.com or (781) 915-4249.
Kathy Wall at kathy@movingforseniors.com or (772) 341-3644.

For help in Atlanta/Buckhead contact:
*Peter Buck at peter@movingforseniors.com or (404) 290-2904.
*Rebecca Buck at rebecca@movingforseniors.com or (404) 313-0268.

For help in North Georgia contact:
*Amanda Rydel at amanda@movingforseniors.com or (678) 977-7766.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsnorthga.com

For help in Northern Idaho contact:
*DeAnne Wilfong at DeAnne@movingforseniors.com or (509) 993-3459.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsspokane.com

For help in Indianapolis, Central and West Indiana contact:
Stephanie Ricketts at stephanie@movingforseniors.com or (317) 622-0108.

For help in Southern Indiana contact:
*Tina Minyard Beard at tina@smoothtransitionssoin.com or (502) 552-4255.
Web page: www.smoothtransitionssoin.com

For help in Kansas contact:
Karen Wiley at karenw@movingforseniors.com or (913) 271-0705.

For help in Central and Lexington, Kentucky areas contact:
*Susan Thomas at susant@movingforseniors.com or (859) 447-4853.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionscky.com

For help in Louisville contact:
*Shana Cooper at shana@movingforseniors.com or (502) 724-2987.

For help in Southern Louisiana contact:
*Cheryl Frager at cheryl@movingforseniors.com or (225) 590-3369.
*Lila Tippit at lila@movingforseniors.com or (888) 864-5098.
Web site: www.makeasmoothmove.com

For help in Maine contact:
*Bonita Usher at bonita@movingforseniors.com or (207) 838-1032.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsmaine.com

For help in Greater Boston north/northwest contact:
Ruth Anne Zanti at ruthanne@movingforseniors.com or (978) 394-5841.

For help in Boston Metro West contact:
*Ann Newberry at annn@movingforseniors.com or (443) 745-1955.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsma.com

For help in Southwest Missouri contact:
Mary Jane Holmes at maryjane@movingforseniors.com or (417) 425-4000.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsswmo.com

For help in St. Louis contact:
*Beth Shapard at beth@smoothtransitionsstl.com or (314) 705-2271.
*Charlie Shapard at charlie@smoothtransitionsstl.com or (314) 368-0285.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsstl.com

For help in Kansas City contact:
Karen Wiley at karenw@movingforseniors.com or (913) 271-0705.
Josie Harmon at josie@movingforseniors.com

New Jersey
For help in Bergen County contact:
*Carrie Johnson at carrie@movingforseniors.com or (201) 857-8494.
*Steve Insler at steve@movingforseniors.com or (201) 857-8494.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsnj.com

New York
For help in New York contact:
Keith Reed at keith@movingforseniors.com or (518) 376-5790.

For help on Long Island contact:
Carolyn Toscano at carolyn@movingforseniors.com or (917) 939-6192.
Lisa Boncich at lisa@movingforseniors.com or (631) 838-7898.
Leonor Burgos at leonor@movingforseniors.com or (201) 654-5467.

North Carolina
For help in North Carolina contact:
Richard Miller at richard@movingforseniors.com or (919) 335-4663.
Karen Wellspeak at karen@movingforseniors.com or (919) 925-2097.
Web site: www.yoursmoothtransition.com

For help in Cincinnati contact:
Jim Roberts at jim@movingforseniors.com or (513) 788-2345.

For help in Cleveland, Ohio contact:
*Laura Armbruster, laura@movingforseniors.com, or (216) 381-7418
Web site: www.smoothtransitions4u.com

For help in Dayton, Ohio contact:
*Deanna Braun, at deanna@movingforseniors.com or (937) 545-8803.

For help in Central Ohio/Columbus contact:
*Matt Spiller at matt@movingforseniors.com, or (614) 571-6148.
*Karen Spiller at karens@movingforseniors.com, or (614) 570-2964.
Web site: www.movingforseniorscoh.com

For help in Northeast Ohio (Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana counties) contact:
Gregg Weber at gregg@movingforseniors.com or (330) 831-7913.

For help in Oklahoma contact:
Denise Smith at denise@movingforseniors.com or (918) 504-8626.
Tony Smith at tonys@movingforseniors.com or (918) 340-8918.

For help in Portland Metro contact:
*Karen Brandenburger at karenb@movingforseniors.com or (503) 590-8562.

South Carolina
For help in Greater Charleston contact:
*Debra Demyan at debra@movingforseniors.com or (843) 640-5551.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionscharleston.com

For help in Myrtle Beach contact:
Tracy Dilligard at tracy@movingforseniors.com or (843) 999-1580.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsmyrtlebeach.com

For help in West Texas contact:
*Jan McCreary Allen at jan@movingforseniors.com or (806) 672-4093.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionswesttexas.com

For help in the Greater Fredericksburg area contact:
*Kim Moulds at kim@movingforseniors.com or (540) 847-2131.
Web site: www.stfburg.com

For help in Northern Virginia/DC area contact:
Linda Edwards at linda@movingforseniors.com or (703) 944-8222.

For help in Western Washington contact:
*Deanna Joyner at deannaj@movingforseniors.com or (360) 459-1527.
*Shelly Couey at shelly@movingforseniors.com or (360) 970-2195.
Web site: www.movingforseniorswwa.com

For help in Northwest (Bellingham) Washington contact:
Suzanne Smith Wright at suzanne@movingforseniors.com or (828) 551-4609
Mike Wright at michal@movingforseniors.com or (828) 575-8110
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsofnorthwestwashington.com

For help in Inland Northwest contact:
*DeAnne Wilfong at DeAnne@movingforseniors.com or (509) 993-3459.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsspokane.com

For help in Seattle contact:
*Eva Dougherty at eva@movingforseniors.com or (206) 234-3064.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionsseattle.com

For help in South Sound contact:
*Ruth Christian at ruth@movingforseniors.com or (253) 245-0151.
Web site: www.smoothtransitionssouthsound.com

For help in Olympic Peninsula contact:
*Robin Abb at robinabb@movingforseniors.com or (360) 403-5515.
Web site: www.smoothtransop.com


New Zealand
For help in Lower North Island (Territory) contact:
Steve Holt at stephen@movingforseniors.com or 0800111085.

*Member National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)
Each Smooth Transitions is locally owned and operated.